Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Off The Press!

Funny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother
by Lois Wyse, Lilla Rogers

“It could be another Nunsense or Forever Plaid --- Check it out!” --Price Berkley, Publisher, Theatrical Index

"Funny! This musical revue looks like a winner...laughs for the whole family."--The Los Angeles Times

"Grandmother mixes clever, tuneful songs, a sparklingly witty book, and recognizable characters to serve up a pleasant treat."--Miami Herald

Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother is a humorous, heartwarming revue that looks at modern grandmothers in a whole new light. These are the women who have thrown away the granny glasses, shapeless black dresses and Red Cross shoes and replaced them with cute little tennis dresses, skis and a condo in Florida. The show celebrates these changes with skits and songs about everything from what to name the grandmother to her availability as baby sitter, her job, her friends, her activities, her new interest in shopping, but most of all, her relationship to that incredible new baby and its parents. Whether you are a grandparent or a grandchild, every generation of your family will love this show!

Musical Comedy Revue. 4 or 5 women, 2 men. Unit prop set. 1 or 2 pianos + optional band. Acting Edition. $10.95

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom
By Jennifer Haley

“Playing like a nifty episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’, the story builds to an affectingly gruesome finale…with its small-scale tech demands and four-person ensemble, Neighborhood seems a likely candidate for legit troupes hoping to benefit from the play's youthful, tech-savvy appeal.” --Variety Magazine

“When our player pounds on the video door, and we hear the bang on his own front door, it's genuinely, brilliantly chilling.”--Denver Post

“Haley's suspenseful play beamed cautionary messages about inattentive parents of teenagers addicted to online video games. A sense of unease about the diminishing line between real life and virtual reality lingered for days after the suburban zombies in Neighborhood 3 were vanquished with weed whackers and hedge clippers.”--Louisville Courier-Journal

In a suburban subdivision with identical houses, parents find their teenagers addicted to an online horror video game. The game setting? A subdivision with identical houses. The goal? Smash through an army of zombies to escape the neighborhood for good. But as the line blurs between virtual and reality, both parents and players realize that fear has a life of its own.

FATHER TYPE - steve, doug, tobias

MOTHER TYPE - leslie, vicki, barbara, joy

- trevor, ryan, jared, zombiekllr14, blake

- makaela, kaitlyn, madison, chelsea

Dark Comedy. 2m, 2f, expandable casting up to 7m, 8f. Unit Set. Acting Edition. $10.95.

Mosley Street Melodramas, Vol. 2
by William P. Johnson and Rosemary Willhide

The laughs never stop with this collection of four Holiday themed Melodramas. No holds are barred as television favorites to some traditional Christmas classics get skewered in these light-hearted parodies. Each show has a diverse set of characters designed to put a modern spin on the spirit of the Melodrama. CHEER for the heroic, but frustrated Prairie Magician. BOO the villainous land baron with the hypnotic hairpiece, and OOH-AAH the four young single ladies adjusting to life in Manhattan (Kansas). These interactive Melodramas are simple to produce and appeal to all types of groups. Both cast and audience alike will have an uproariously good time!

Santa and the City - 3f, 3m (some doubling)
The Old Mid-West will never be the same when four young single ladies in Manhattan, KS try to open a shoe store. Little did they reckon a greedy land baron, whose hair has hypnotic powers, would try to take over the town just before Christmas.

The Holiday Surprise - 3f, 3m
It’s the day before Christmas and Santa is nowhere to be found. The residents of Goosebump, Alaska (the first town South of the North Pole) try to find a substitute. Only a Canadian Mountie can save the day!

The Grouch Who Couldn’t Steal Christmas - 3f, 3m
The Annual Holiday Pageant in the town of Whooterville goes awry when Phineas P. Grouch seeks revenge from a broken heart. But who is the real villain here?

The Magical Christmas of Mistle Toe, Kansas - 3m, 3f
The town of Mistletoe is broke and the land rights are up for grabs. Mayor Georgette Bradley pins all their hopes and dreams on a one night only benefit performance by “The Amazing Ricky and His Magic Wand.” You won’t believe the magic that occurs when they discover the true meaning of the season.

Melodrama. Various m and f roles. Simple set. Acting Edition. $9.95.

Heaven Help Me
by Joe Simonelli

“Simonelli really knows his characters and he writes in a way which really gets to people. The play is very amusing, but it is also very touching.” --Asbury Park Press

The three Holloway bothers have a real problem. Their string of casual restaurants is failing, youngest, black sheep brother Rollie owes money to every bookie in town, and they need to sell the family beach house to recapitalize the business. The only problem is that their deceased fourth brother Fred is haunting the place and won’t vacate!

Comedy. 4m, 2f. Interior Set. Acting Edition. $10.95.

by Cusi Cram

"The play, Fuente, is powerful, moving and original, which after a three-year development process and a Herrick Theatre Foundation Prize for New Play, is being given a smartly staged, well acted world premiere at Boyd's smaller venue in Sheffield. Cram has written a small-scale at once real and mythical epic about love, vengeance and one's sense of place. The language is earthy (this is NOT a family show!) and poetic. The characters and their stories are sad but also funny enough to have the audience burst out laughing. The Garcia Marquez-like magic is amusingly propelled by a bottle of Aqua Net hair spray."

Something is not right. There is a secret humidity in the air in a town where the breezes have been on strike for two hundred years. Soledad thinks she is Alexis Carrington from Dynasty and feels itchy. Chaparro can’t seem to scratch her itch anymore. Esteban might just be the man for the job. And Adela watches it all unfold as if it were a soap opera on TV. Maybe it is? Anything is possible in Fuente, an almost-real town, somewhere between where North America ends and South America begins.

Fuente is a magically-real comedy set in a remote desert town about love, revenge, escape, and the perilous powers of Aquanet hairspray.

Dramatic Comedy. 4m, 2f. Acting Edition. $10.95.




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