Monday, March 21, 2011

Thurs, Mar 24th @ 6 P.M: Art from the Ashes: The Fire that Changed our World (FREE) at The Drama Book Shop

The 146 women and men who died in the Triangle Fire in 1911 transformed a century. Their deaths led to sweeping reforms in labor, safety and feminist history, as well as being a catalyst for artistic inspiration the world over. On the eve of the centennial, we commemorate these workers by performing poetry in English and Yiddish as well stunning labor orations from Rose Schneiderman and Leonora O’Reilly that mobilized a generation. The Yiddish translator Caraid O’Brien ( directs.

Caraid O’Brien is the director of Radio Bloomsday. She has been awarded three play commissions from the Foundation for Jewish Culture for her translations of classic Yiddish plays.


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