Monday, February 28, 2011

Sun, March 6th @ 7P.M:FREE Reading. THE BOOK SHOP at The Drama Book Shop

Join the intrepid book shop staff as they navigate callbacks, reality show producers and craigslist in our belated Valentine's day episode.

Four aspiring artists come together in this new theatrical serial. Get in on the second episode and follow the exploits of Audrey, Felix, Lena and Rhett as they navigate the pitfalls of the business of 'The Biz.' Can their passion lead them to their ultimate goal? Or will the daily grind wear them out. Join them on their journey in the exciting first episode of 'The Book Shop'.

Featuring: Sean-Michael Bowles, Sharone Halevy, Abigail Hardin, Rachel Karp, Carmen Meyers, Kate Mulley and Shawn Verrier


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