Friday, January 28, 2011

Thurs, Feb 3rd @ 6 P.M: Fay Simpson will discourse on the concepts from her book, followed by Q & A and book signing at The Drama Book Shop

Fay Simpson will discourse on the concepts from her book: The Lucid Body; A Guide for the Physical Actor, followed by Q & A and book signing. Novice actors and stage veterans alike will discover a deeper level of consciousness through the exercises outlined in The Lucid Body: A Guide for the Physical Actor. Developed by Fay Simpson, The Lucid Body is a cutting-edge technique that lets you combine eastern yoga elements with your contemporary western way of life to bring truth to your acting and inner clarity to your life.

The Lucid Body technique has been presented by the author for 15 years in workshops, rehearsals, and schools, teaching actors to access their seven chakra centers. Now you can practice in your own home what hundreds of others have already discovered at the Yale School of Drama, NYU, and the Michael Howard Studios. Add vital energy to your life and your acting with The Lucid Body.

About the Author:
Fay Simpson has been the Artistic Director and co-founder of Impact Theatre since its creation in 1990 (D-Train, Degas' Little Dancer, Marital Bliss of Francis and Maxine, Kurt's Wife: A Story of Lotte Lenya, Grey Gone; The Forensics of Breath). As founder of The Lucid Body, (initially developed at The Michael Howard Studios) she currently teaches at Yale Drama School, The Studio/NY and Red Bean Studio in midtown Manhattan. Fay has brought the work to theatre companies in New York,;Terra Firma (Cries and Whispers), SATC (Miss Julie), Karin Coonrad ("Everything that Rises Must Converge,") and internationally in Toulouse with Innocentia Inviolata (Of Kings and Men) and in London with Gabriella Moleta (The Outsiders). She has a two year teacher training program now in place.

In 1999, Ms. Simpson was awarded a Fox Foundation Fellowship, which enabled her to serve as an Assistant at the New Globe Theatre in London under the artistic directorship of Mark Rylance. Ms. Simpson is the recipient of the 'Amy and Eric Berger National Theatre Essay Award' for development of her new book, The Lucid Body; A Guide for the Physical Actor. She is a member of the Actor's Center.

"Through ancient wisdom, her own personal wisdom, and the wisdom found in her students' bodies, Fay Simpson offers readers a path to their deepest truths-known and unknown, conscious and unconscious. Simpson, through her insight, intuition, experience and scholarship, pries open the secrets of the body and sets the spirit free. A demanding and rewarding spiritual journey I encourage every actor to take." Deborah Kampmeier, filmmaker (Hounddog, Virgin).

"Actors, even very good actors, tend to live I the close confines of their own habitual physical realities. Fay's work encourages, even demands that they find pleasure and excitement in using their bodies in more expressive and challenging ways in service to the plays." Michael Howard - book introduction

The Lucid Body: A Guide for the Physical Actor
By Fay Simpson, Michael Howard
Paper. $19.95


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