Thursday, January 06, 2011

POW! (Play Of The Week)

by Fabrice Roger-Lecan
Translated by Christopher Campbell

This two-fisted hander is a brittle comedy which brings out the best and the worst in the male ego. Jammed packed with testosterone -- that is, corporate testosterone, French playwright Roger-Lacan exposes the mores and unstated but necessary male code of relationships in today’s business world.

Bernard is 40 years old today. An important day! Why should he not believe that his best friend and business partner for many years would want to help him celebrate his big “4-0”. But business partner Adrien has other plans. He is a member of an elite gentlemen’s club, which has its excusive monthly dinners on that very date. It’s an elite club, which he never told Bernard about!

Questions! To what extent will a man go to break into an elite gentlemen’s world with the promise of corporate success? To what extent will a man go to maintain an important male relationship?

These questions and others are explored with biting humor and violent action. These two men are “civilized”, but surely there are limits. Or are there? Would you be moved to murder by strangulation by neck-tie?

MEMBERS ONLY doesn’t speak at today’s corporate world; it yells at it.

All I can say is, “Women beware”! Men will not only be men, but there’s no stopping them. And don’t you forget that!

Good monologues and scenes for two men

Review by W. Martin


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