Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fri, Dec 3rd @ 5 P.M: Women’s Project Lab Alumni Playwrights: Reading and Book Signing (FREE) at The Drama Book Shop

Excerpts performed from Out of Time and Place, new plays hot off the press from Women’s Project lab alumni featuring work by award-winning playwrights Bekah Brunstetter, Carla Ching, Alexis Clements, Christine Evans, Charity Henson-Ballard, Lynn Rosen, Crystal Skillman, and Andrea Thome.

Julie Crosby, Producing Artistic Director of the Women’s Project, introduces the playwrights who share excerpts performed from their new, published plays. Q & A with Julie and book signing to follow.

About the Authors:

Out of Time and Place is a two-volume anthology which features plays by: Bekah Brunstetter, Carla Ching, Alexis Clements, Nadia Davids, Laura Eason, Christine Evans, Charity Henson-Ballard, Kara Manning, Lynn Rosen, Crystal Skillman, and Andrea Thome. The playwrights included in the book are as diverse in style, background and experience as they are talented. Collectively, they’ve been produced, published and received awards on four continents. Their work’s been seen on NY and regional main stages, as well as edgy downtown black boxes—if you don’t know these writers’ work yet, you soon will.

About the Book:

Out of Time & Place: An Anthology of Plays by the Women’s Project Playwrights Lab Members features a hilarious and biting introduction by Theresa Rebeck that challenges the American theatre to celebrate and produce its women playwrights, and the anthology showcases the extraordinary work of eleven of them.

In Vol 1, Lynn Rosen’s Back From The Front and Christine Evans’ Weightless both take comic approaches to shattering subjects—respectively, war and the future of a crumbling 21st century Manhattan. Crystal Skillman’s provocative The Vigil or The Guided Cradle interrogates torture across six centuries. Charity Henson-Ballard’s lyrical and sweeping The Quiver of Children and Laura Eason’s tautly focused Rewind each chart the attempt to outwit fate through artful means.

In Vol 2, Bekah Brunsetter’s Le Fou teases out the destructive dance between love and vanity. Kara Manning’s Sleeping Rough forms a blues ballad for souls displaced between lives. Alexis Clements’ Conversation cleverly interrogates the science of speech, while Nadia Davids’ At Her Feet plays out another kind of linguistic music, that of six very different Muslim women from Cape Town. Carla Ching’s TBA plays with the power of naming, and Andrea Thome’s Undone offers a polyphonic love poem to a city crowded with the living and dead.

“The plays in Out of Time & Place forcefully demonstrate the power, range, and substance of women playwrights. These are writers to know, and I trust that their work will be seen on stages and read in classrooms around the globe.”--Julie Crosby, Producing Artistic Director, Women’s Project

“It’s time to hear both sides, to hear all voices, to build a culture where stories are told by both men and women.”-- Theresa Rebeck, Award-Winning Writer (Omnium Gatherum, The Understudy, Spike Heels)

Edited by Alexis Clements with Christine Evans, the anthology also includes a preface by Megan Carter.

About the Women's Project

Women’s Project (WP) delivers compelling theater, innovative programs and electric events as the nation’s oldest and largest company dedicated to producing and promoting theater created by women. Since 1978, WP has staged over 600 mainstage productions and developmental projects, and published ten anthologies of plays by women.

Out of Time & Place: An Anthology of Plays by Members of the Women's Project Playwrights Lab, Volume 1
by Alexis Clements, Christine Evans
Paper. $25.00

Out of Time & Place: An Anthology of Plays by Members of the Women's Project Playwrights Lab, Volume 2
by Alexis Clements, Christine Evans
Paper. $25.00


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