Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thurs, Sept 23, 2010 at 6:00 P.M: FREE Singing Workshop With Sally Morgan, author of Sing Like You Speak at The Drama Book Shop

A two-hour workshop for singers and those looking to develop singing skills. Author and technique developer, Sally Morgan shares 25+ yrs of expertise and experience.

About the Author:
Sally Morgan has been performing her job successfully for 25+ years and is the author of the cutting edge vocal technique, Sing Like You Speak: The Morganix Method, singer, speaker, actress and vocal trainer. Sally's infectious energy and laser precise expertise make her a sought after speaker who challenges her audiences to become vocally empowered and professionally polished. Sally's clients appear on Broadway stages, Off-Broadway, Regional Theater, Major Label Recordings, national television and radio, in Federal Courts, and the U.S. Senate.

About the Book:
Sing Like You Speak: The Morganix Method, is a cutting edge step-by-step guide to developing healthy, organic contemporary vocal technique. Sing Like You Speak is a well-organized, structured approach to learning how to sing Simply and Naturally, divided into theory and practicum. A comprehensive vocal training program, it is the product of 30 years of training, research, teaching, and performing; compiled logically to make singing simple and natural. Sing Like You Speak was developed with a sensitive eye on the latest medical, acoustical, musical and therapeutic research.

• Simple, Natural, Organic
• Find Your Signature Sound in Record Time
• Knock 'em Dead without Killing Your Voice
• Sing Effortlessly

Sing Like You Speak
Sally Morgan, 2006
121++ Pages & 4CDs

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