Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sun, July 25, 2010, from 7:00 to 9:30 P.M: Special Film Screening of THE SUBLET at The Drama Book Shop

Roger Hendricks Simon The SIMON STUDIO and The Drama Book Shop Cinema & Theatre Festival presents a special screening of the new award winning feature film, THE SUBLET

Written and directed by Georgiana Nestor & starring Roger Hendricks Simon, THE SUBLET is a new film and theatre work developed by THE SIMON STUDIO Professional Lab directed by Mr. Simon and Dan Simon

Praise for THE SUBLET:

"The performances are superb. Most impressive is Simon, whose expressive face evokes the weary life of a civil servant and longtime widower still haunted by the memory of his late wife....Hinting at an older Woody Allen, Simon creates a wholly sympathetic figure, a man breaking out of his self imposed shell despite his better judgement. - an utterly charming film." - BACKSTAGE

"Roger Hendricks Simon takes expansive glee in inventing imaginary subletting scenarios over the phone, and the unabashed eagerness with which he hovers over drop-in visitors affords some well timed comedy bits." - VARIETY

"Roger Hendricks Simon's performance balances just the right amount of pathos, charisma and great comic timing so you're always captivated whenever he's on screen. He often seems like a less neurotic version of Woody Allen....Heart warming, funny and wise. A refreshingly original, witty and crown pleasing gem." - NYC MOVIE GURU

Admission Free/Donations accepted for the studio's John Palmore Scholarship Fund. For reservations: 212-841-0204

For THE SUBLET production photos and further information please visit:


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