Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot Off The Press!

by Steve Yockey

Two men at the end of the world, a woman who believes she turns children to stone, some college students with alcohol and a sledgehammer, the perpetrator of a hit-and-run accident, a man obsessed with asphyxiation, and a roadside elephant in India. The very broken characters that inhabit this collection of shorts wander through a dimly lit, over stimulated and paranoia-fueled world that exists just underneath the dominant popular culture. From the darkly comic to the starkly distressing, these uneasy little plays are tightly wound, structurally adventurous glimpses into some of the most simultaneously intimate and harrowing moments of everyday life.

(every little thing)
sucker punch
kiss & tell
dizziness & loss of breath
snuff film
stop motion
(stereo) headphones

Ten Minute Plays. Various m and f. Acting Edition. $9.95.

Devil Boys from Beyond
by Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliott
Based on an original script by Buddy Thomas
Original song, Sensitive Girl, music and lyrics by Drew Fornarola

"***** [FIVE STARS]! Buddy Thomas’s deliriously campy sci-fi spoof—one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen at the Fringe Festival—is naughty, gleeful fun...The show opens a fabulous portal to the past: not just the paranoid world of the 1950s, but the legendary drag romps of Charles Ludlam’s Ridiculous Theatrical Company and Charles Busch’s Theatre-in-Limbo from the 1960s through the 1980s. Devil Boys from Beyond is a necklace of golden links to that wild theatrical tradition. If there were any justice in this mixed-up world of ours, the whole show would be tractor-beamed Off Broadway tomorrow." —Adam Feldman, Time Out New York

"Cheap in all the right ways, the fast, taw dry and very funny Devil Boys From Beyond is the Fringe Festival at its best." —New York Post

"The larger-than-life homage to leading ladies and low-budget sci-fi films of the '50s...The audience's enthusiastic reception...guaranteed you'll laugh your anal probe off." —

"Devil Boys From Beyond is how a no-budget show should be uproarious homage to C-movies and the golden age of camp!"—Backstage

Flying Saucers! Backstabbing Bitches! Muscle Hunks and Men in Pumps! Wake up and smell the alien invasion in this outrageous comedy by the author of the off-Broadway hit play, Crumple Zone

Winner! 2009 FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for Outstanding Play!
Nominee! 2010 GLAAD Award for Outstanding New York Theater: Off-Off Broadway!

Character Descriptions:
Florence Wexler
- A little Southern woman with a big secret

GILBERT WIATT - A tough New York City newspaper editor

GREGORY GRAHAM - Burnt out ace photographer and booze hound

MATILDA VAN BUREN - Star reporter, and legend in her own mind

LUCINDA MARSH - A headline chasing Grande dame with a nose for news

DOTTY PRIMROSE - Ancient proprietor of The Evening Primrose Motor Lodge

HARRY WEXLER - Florence's husband...or is he?

JACK PRIMROSE - Sheriff of Lizard Lick & Dotty's husband...we think

Comedy. Unit Set. 4m, 4f (all female roles can be played by men in drag). Acting Edition. $9.95.

Red, White and Tuna
by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard

"At first glance, it appears there are only two men in room -- one slim and ferretlike, the other a big round fellow with a sweet, pillowy face. But sit down for a chat with Jaston Williams and Joe Sears -- the creators and stars of the hilarious, home-fried theatrical trilogy Greater Tuna, A Tuna Christmas and the current Red, White & Tuna, and before too long a host of others have horned in on the conversation. They all hail from the fictional burg of Tuna, the third smallest town in Texas. One's more of a fruitcake or troublemaker than the next. And each has a crystal-clear agenda."—The Washington Post

The much anticipated third installment in the Tuna trilogy takes the audience through another satirical ride into the hearts and minds of the polyester-clad citizens of Texas' third smallest town.

Along with Tuna's perennial favorites, some new Tuna denizens burst into the 4th of July Tuna High School Class Reunion. This sets the stage for a show full of fireworks and fun from the land where the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies.

It's been several years since we left Bertha and Arles dancing at the end of A Tuna Christmas...Did the romance blossom? Has Didi Snavley received any "cosmic" communications from R.R.'s UFO? Did Stanley make his fortune in the Albuquerque taxidermy business? These and other burning questions will be asked and answered in the side-splitting spoof of life in rural America.

2m. Acting Edition. $9.95.

by Lucy Caldwell

"Rightly, Caldwell leaves open the source of Lori's malaise: It may spring from fears of the global future, Belfast's strained normality or London exile. What gives the play its peculiar tang is Caldwell's sensitivity to the fluctuations of family life…[she] confirms the Tolstoyan truth that all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way…" —Guardian (London).

"Spectacularly good…Caldwell has done a remarkable job of character creation, each one a totally credible, rounded individual; she also has an extraordinary grasp of the reality of suffering, as well as the triggers of self-preserving selfishness." —Irish Independent.

"An unmissable play…This is Lucy Caldwell's first full-length play, but it has the maturity, thoughtful compassion and controlled theatricality of experience." —Sunday Times (London).

"[A] strikingly mature work, both upsetting and, in the end, uplifting." —Daily Mail (London).

THE STORY: After attempting suicide during her first term at university, Lori has come back home. Her parents can't fathom what has caused the sudden change in their daughter, and her two young sisters are confused by their feelings of abandonment and betrayal. A poignant family drama, LEAVES displays Lucy Caldwell's gift for keenly sensitive observation.

Drama. Full Length. Flexible Set. 1 man, 4 women: 5 total. Acting Edition. $8.95

Rocket City‚ Alabam’
by Mark Saltzman

“Through Rocket City we are provoked into assessing our own beliefs and any ambiguities in our moral principles—the play also confronts its audiences with challenges to issues of race relations, gender politics, religious tolerance, military authority and the divide between North and South that remain with us today.”— Michael P. Howley, Montgomery Advertise

Rocket City, Alabam’, a play with songs, captures a lost, true-life episode in the history of the American South, presenting a hushed-up story, colorful Southern characters, and several famous songs of the region— blues, spirituals and gospel. At the dawn of the Cold War, the early 1950’s, a young, brash, Army major, Hamilton Pike, brings famed German rocket scientist and former Hitler employee Wernher Von Braun to Huntsville, Alabama, a cotton town selected to become America’s “Rocket City.” But Huntsville has a Jewish community over a century old. Sparks fly and tempers explode when Amy Lubin, the Jewish fiancee of local war hero Jed Kessler learns of Von Braun’s Nazi past. Rocket City, Alabam’ presents the moral dilemmas of idealism vs. practicality, of revenge vs. forgiveness with sensitivity and humor, as well as with some classic songs, including "Down By the Riverside," "Alabama Bound," "This Little Light of Mine" and many more. Rocket City, Alabam' was developed at Alabama Shakespeare Festival in its Southern Writers Project.

Character Descriptions:
– Young New York woman, early 20s

MAJOR HAMILTON PIKE, JR . – American blue-blood, Princeton- educated Army officer. Mid-20s to early 30s

JED KESSLER – Amy’s Alabama-born fiancé, 20s

WERNHER VON BRAUN – The German rocket genius. Mid-30s to early 40s

ISRAEL WATKINS (plays guitar) – Alabama-born, African-American truck driver. 30s to early 40s

CHARACTER MAN 1 – Harry S. Truman, Benjy in London, Lemuel Decatur, Lester Pruitt, Rocket Voice

CHARACTER MAN 2 – General Barklee, Heinz Klauber, Rabbi Benjamin, TV Announcer

CHARACTER WOMAN 1 – Susanna Pruitt, Sarah in London

CHARACTER WOMAN 2 – Bertina Dupray, Euvella, Polly, Baroness Von Braun

Drama. 6m, 3f, with doubling. Acting Edition. $9.95.


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