Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mon, March 29. 5 PM to 7 PM: The Science of Acting Workshop (FREE) at The Drama Book Shop

"The biggest thing to hit acting since the Method"

What is good acting? How do you create believable characters? How can an actor understand a character if they do not understand themselves? Why, if so many people want to act well, so few do?

This 2 hour workshop will cover all the essential elements of The Science of Acting on the tail of the recent publication of the book that describes the technique in detail (The Science of Acting by Sam Kogan, edited by Helen Kogan).

The Academy of the Science of Acting & Directing (ASAD) is one of the world's leading drama training establishments. It is also the only drama school in the UK and possibly the world, with a ground-breaking and highly acclaimed book published on the acting technique it founded, and continues to develop. All of our courses offer the most complete training for the acting and directing profession. Tonight will give you a background and overview of the entire technique as well as a taster of the many subjects that will be covered in the forthcoming NY and LA Summer schools.

By the end of the workshop you will have the knowledge and tools to - not only answer the above questions (and many more) - but to be able to approach any character (from an acorn to Shakespeare) for film, theater, television, audition....with confidence.

The Science of Acting
by Sam Kogan, ed. by Helen Kogan
Routledge, 2009
List Price: $33.95


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