Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fri, March 19 @ 6:00 PM: How to be a Savvy Actor (FREE) at The Drama Book Shop

Get Inside Tips from the Authors of The Savvy Actor Career Manual!

The Savvy Actor Career Manual, list Price $79.95. Only $39.95 for those attending the seminar.

Ever read an acting career book but never got specific direction on how to make it work for your talent, goals, and dream? Get specific, personal career tips and tools at this launch event for The Savvy Actor Career Manual, the most comprehensive acting career guide available! Authors and actors Jodie Bentley and Kevin Urban will share their inspiration for the manual and walk you through the seven essential elements of a successful professional acting career.

The Savvy Actor® founders Jodie Bentley and Kevin Urban have taken their combined 20+ years of experience in acting, marketing, branding, and sales, to create the first and only guide that puts every career tool the actor needs in one place.

The Savvy Actor Career Manual goes beyond career books to give you a step-by-step guide to every element the professional actor needs to turn their talent into a money-making career. It cuts to the core of what really works, based on actor-tested techniques for making an impact in the industry. Get all the business tools they didn't teach you in school, including goals, long-term career vision, marketing, branding, networking, getting representation, managing finances, automating your office, and more.

"The Savvy Actor Career Manual is a valuable tool for anyone looking to be a professional, working actor. Jodie and Kevin combine their extensive performing experience and business know-how to help actors succeed in a most competitive field. They help performers set realistic goals and marketing plans that work. I have been a casting director for 15 years would highly recommend this manual to actors looking to take their career to the next level." --Jamibeth Margolis, CSA Casting Director

"I'm a huge supporter of The Savvy Actor and the dead-on coaching provided by Jodie & Kevin. The Savvy Actor Manual is a valuable resource to any actor out there." --Jillian Sanders, Jr. Agent, Don Buchwald and Associates

"The Savvy Actor Manual has helped me clear the clutter from my craft as a performer by focusing on career, life, and financial goals and developing my specific brand. I am empowered, organized, and now consider myself not only an actor but a businessperson!" --Jaye Maynard, Actor

The Savvy Actor Career Manual
The Savvy Actor LLC, 2010
140 pages including over 60 worksheets plus links to online files to help you manage your career.

List Price $79.95
Event Price, only $39.95


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