Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thurs, Feb 11, 2010. 6 PM: SHAKESPEARE TO SHEPARD - A FREE ACTING CLASS At The Drama Book Shop

CLASS A FREE acting class with Actress/Coach Sybil Lines with a wine & cheese reception after

For actors intrigued, nervous, or thrilled at working on Shakespeare’s characters, this workshop is a free sample class with Actress/Coach Sybil Lines. Her visceral approach makes it suitable for beginners as well as more seasoned professionals. SHAKESPEARE TO SHEPARD, a 6-week acting course, is planned to commence in February.

SHAKESPEARE TO SHEPARD is an acting workshop that explores the similarities and differences in tackling Shakespeare’s works compared to modern American playwrights. There will be scene study work on modern writers (Mamet, Albee, Miller, etc.) and Shakespeare. Sybil encourages the exploration of the primal needs that prompt a character to speak. She encourages an actor to do the detective work into the character by analyzing the use of the words. The class uses exercises that help the actor find the psychological and emotional intensity. There are also exercises to develop the energy and appropriate physical power for classical texts. Exercises from her classical course, “Shakespeare from the Loins,” will also be included in the workshop. Through them, the actor will be more comfortable with heightened language and meter, while avoiding phony tonal qualities and sing-song delivery.

When writers choose to write a drama over a novel or poem, they entrust the completion of their communication to an actor. It is up to you to fulfill that trust with an approach that focuses on organic specificity, modulation and new thought while honing technical skills that enable the full expression of a passionate imagination.

SYBIL LINES has appeared on BBC television and was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as work on Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theaters. To read her full bio please visit HYPERLINK


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