Monday, June 15, 2009

POW! (Play Of The Week)

by Billy Goda

Dust is a thriller with a really interesting plot. Young guy gets out of jail and gets a job working in a luxury apartment's gym. Older guy/resident comes to the gym to exercise on doctors orders and get's really bent out of shape over some dust on an air vent. Young guy laughs it off and refuses to clean the dust himself which pisses off the old guy, who threatens to get him fired. Young guy refuses the old guy and says, "this doesn't end here".

Then he falls in love with old guy's hot daughter who's angry with daddy.

Also including young guy's best friend/cop and old guy's ex-military/mob thug-friend, we add in just the right amount of push and pull needed to escalate the situation further until someone shows up with a gun. Someone might even die.

Dust is a fascinating play to work on because there is a lot of depth to the characters, which allows for many interpretations and character choices. The girl is a little one dimensional, but with some good choices, an actress can bring it to life. It has good scenes between the young guy and the daughter, and between the young guy and old guy. Also two good scenes for two older men (40's-50's).

Cast: 5 M (2 early 30's, 2 late 40's), 1 W (early 20's) (1 man doubles a role)

Scenes/Monologues: A few good monologues, but some really good two and three person scenes.

Recommended by: Adam


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