Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Drama Book Shop Resident Theatre Production Co. Striking Viking Story Privates & Plus Entertainment Present 'Found'

Come see why Found and Story Pirates attract unabashed fans and contributors like Dave Eggers, Drew Barrymore, Tom Robbins, Jon Stewart, Andy Samberg, Ira Glass, Seth Rogen, Steve Buscemi and David Sedaris - and many more. If you haven't been to an AfterDark show yet, you don't want to miss this!

Thursday, June 4th -- 8pm
Friday, June 5th -- (2 shows!) 8pm & 10pm
Saturday, June 6th -- (2 shows!) 8pm & 10pm

@ The Actor’s Playhouse
100 7th Avenue South @ Grove Street
New York, NY (212) 255 6452

Bar opens 30 minutes prior to each show


GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! at http://www.smarttix.com
or just send an email to friendtix@storypirates.org for discounted tickets.


PLUS Entertainment and Story Pirates AfterDark are proud to present: FOUND -- a benefit for the Story Pirates. Inspired by Davy Rothbart's cult classic publication FOUND Magazine, this one of a kind, multi-media musical is the true embodiment of the adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Like the highly-lauded magazine and two best-selling books, FOUND is based entirely on lost and discarded notes, diaries, love letters, to-do lists, photographs -- anything that gives you a glimpse into someone else's life.

Audience members are highly encouraged to participate by bringing their own “finds” to the performance. Watch in amazement as the Story Pirates fully incorporate a brand new, never-before- seen "find" into each performance... That's right! Laugh yourself silly as these brilliant improvisers seamlessly weave real found objects, presented live by audience members, into each show!

For loyal fans of the magazine, FOUND is FOUND Magazine like you've never seen it. Featuring a full cast of actors, video segments and outrageous songs by Story Pirates resident genius Eli Bolin, the highly-acclaimed comedy troupe the Story Pirates bring FOUND to life in a show that's bigger, louder and funnier than ever before. Who stole A.J’s binder? What ever happened to that chick from Cosmetics Plus™? And why is Tommy still banned from the batting cages? Sit back and watch as the Story Pirates playfully fill in the blanks with relentless hilarity for this very special event.

• FOUND Magazine (foundmagazine.com), created in 2001 by Davy Rothbart, features an edited array of things formerly misplaced, dropped, or otherwise left behind by others. Break-up letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, shopping lists, Polaroids, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, doodles -- anything goes. The witty and much-lauded periodical has produced eight magazines and two National best-selling books.

"Found is a quirky lens into the flotsam and jetsam of humanity."-- Chicago Tribune

"Found is as unexpected as a tumbleweed."--The New Yorker

"I love Found! Found proves that life is full of surprises; when you keep your eyes on the ground, you never know what you're gonna find!"--Drew Barrymore

"Found is a trash picker's and anthropologist's dream come true!"--Los Angeles Times

"Found is a powerful fix for thinking voyeurs!"--The Boston Globe

"Crazy entertaining."--Jon Stewart

"A fascinating way to eavesdrop on the lives of our fellow man."--David Letterman


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