Wednesday, May 27, 2009

IN THE HEIGHTS documentary.

PBS Documentary about In the Heights airs this Weds, May 27th 8pm.

The Drama Book Shop is pleased to have nurtured what turned out to become the Tony Award winning Broadway hit "In the Heights," during its early early development. We at the shop are so very proud of its creators and cast and are honored to have played some small role in the show's development.

Sustaining an independent retail business in an era of mega-stores and online discounters, and keeping the shop's doors open in a city that can be brutally hostile to small businesses is often frustrating and exhausting. Being able to support such projects as IN THE HEIGHTS, The Striking Viking Story Pirates, Back House Productions, Potpourri, and others; and being able to contribute to the success of brilliant, young artists, has offset many of the strains of the sacrifices of the past few years.

Congratulations to IN THE HEIGHTS, and to the other amazing groups that live here with us or have passed though our doors over the years.

--Allen Hubby, Co-owner.


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