Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Out Of Sterno
by Deborah Zoe Laufer

Dotty's life in Sterno with her husband Hamel is absolutely perfect! It's a fairy tale, it really is. True, in their seven years of marriage Hamel has forbidden her to leave their tiny apartment or speak to anyone, but Dotty is so very happy to spend her days watching video re-enactments of the day they first met. When a phone call from a mysterious woman threatens to tear her world asunder, Dotty must venture out into the vast city of Sterno, and try to discover what it is to be a "real" woman.

"Out of Sterno" is a coming-of-age play in an Alice in Wonderland world. It explores the triumph and heartbreak of growing up and the contradictory societal pressures women face just trying to make it across town

23. Childlike and loving and hopeful. Dotty is bursting with intense enthusiasm for everything. She makes art out of every object in her view and hosts her life like a TV talk show to an imaginary audience. She refuses to think ill of anyone.

HAMEL: 30's. Dotty's thug of a husband.

ZENA: 30's. The proprietress of Zena's Beauty Emporium. Miss Tri-boro Area for two years running. Tough as nails.

DAN: Magically transforms himself into every other character in the play, including: Delivery Man, Taxi Driver, Waiter, Mrs. Cuthbert, Mrs. Peabody, Barb, Sallie Mae, Man on the Bus

Comedy. 2m, 2f. Acting Edition. $10.95

Adrift In Macao
by Christopher Durang, Peter Melnick(Composer)

“And there are of course those songs… Melnick demonstrates an affinity for melody and old-fashioned showmanship that link him to his grandfather, Richard Rodgers…”--Matthew Murray, Talkin'

“… with a drop-dead funny book and shamefully silly lyrics by Christopher Durang and lethally catchy music by Peter Melnick. A Drift In Macao lovingly parodies the Hollywood film noir classics of the 1940’s and 50’s…”--Michael Dale,

Set in 1952 in Macao, China, ADRIFT IN MACAO is a loving parody of film noir movies. Everyone that comes to Macao is waiting for something, and though none of them know exactly what that is, they hang around to find out. The characters include your film noir standards, like Laureena, the curvacious blonde, who luckily bumps into Rick Shaw, the cynical surf and turf casino owner her first night in town. She ends up getting a job singing in his night club – perhaps for no reason other than the fact that she looks great in a slinky dress. And don’t forget about Mitch, the American who has just been framed for murder by the mysterious villain McGuffin. With songs and quips, puns and farcical shenanigans, this musical parody is bound to please audiences of all ages.

Nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Best Music

Full Length, Musical. 4 m, 3 f. Unit Sets. Acting Edition. $10.95.

The Goldman Project
by Staci Swedeen

“Introducing Naomi, a Romanian-born widow, as a lovably comic, more than a little stereotypical character...a smart decision on the part of Staci Swedeen”--Anita Gates, The New York Times

“Swedeen has an ear for dialogue, even the passages in Yiddish fit the moment nicely. (Don’t worry: The Yiddish is instantly translated in the course of the conversation.)”--Peter D. Kramer, The Journal News

“This fine play is less about the past than about living with honesty in the present.”--James F.Cotter, Times Herald-Record

It is 1994 and Naomi Goldman, recently widowed, is living in an apartment in upper Manhattan. Her son Tony, separated from his wife, lives with her. When Tony’s old college girlfriend Aviva contacts him with the ulterior motive of interviewing and videotaping his mother for a Holocaust memorial project, Tony is appalled. Naomi, reluctant at first, eventually agrees to the interview. Though appearing to be forthright in her story Naomi clearly is hiding a devastating secret. When Aviva pushes her to admit the truth the consequences are life-changing. The Goldman Project is a play about family relations, the lingering legacy of the Holocaust and the catharsis of self-renewal.

Drama. 2f, 1m. Acting Edition. $10.95

Wild Dust: The Musical
by Flip Kobler, Cindy Marcus, Dennis Poore(Composer)

Based on the original play Wild Dust, this engaging Wild West story has been delighting audiences for years. And now, the original playwright, Flip Kobler, has joined forces with veteran composer Dennis Poore to turn Wild Dust the play into Wild Dust: The Musical.

It's 1887 and a dust storm is about to hit the town of Willow Creek. The west was still wild, but the wind was wilder. Wild Dust: The Musical, takes place at a time when the "west was wild, the women were soft and the men were brave." The worst dust storm in a decade was about to hit the town, and all the men had gone to drive the horses and cattle to safer shelter to ride out the storm. That left the women of town to fend for themselves in the only building strong enough to withstand the pounding sand - the town brothel. So four "fallen ladies" and three "ladies of the town" are thrown together for the next 72 hours, along with a mysterious cowboy and a dancing corpse! For three days they confront the elements, each other, and hardest of all - themselves. It's a comic romp with lots of slamming doors, mistaken identities, and one very dead body. No one is exactly what they seem, and everyone's got a secret hidden up their sleeve. Wild Dust: The Musical is a comic romp that's not to be missed.

Musical Comedy. 1 m., 8 f., plus 1 m. extra. Int. Acting Edition. $10.95.

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