Monday, May 04, 2009

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by Kate Robin

Anon. follows two couples as they cope with sexual addiction. Trip and Allison are young and healthy, but he's more interested in his abnormally large porn collection than in her. While they begin to work through both of their own sexual and relationship hang-ups, Trip's parents are stuck in the roles they've been carving out for years in their dysfunctional marriage. In between scenes with these four characters, 10 different women, members of a support group for those involved with individuals with sex addiction issues, tell their stories in monologues that are alternately funny and harrowing.

Drama. 2m, 12f. Areas. Acting Edition. $10.95.

What They Have
by Kate Robin

Connie and Jonas are a successful industry couple. Their friends Suzanne, a struggling painter, and Matt, a struggling musician, can’t afford to fix the roof. But stay tuned because in this funny, poignant and always truthful new play, lives can change in a heartbeat, and things aren’t necessarily what they seem.

Comedy. 2m, 2f. Acting Edition. #10.95

Beauty on the Vine
by Zak Berkman

"BEAUTY ON THE VINE provocatively imagines emulative cosmetic surgery taking hold among young women across the country."--NY Times.

"Zak Berkman's seething new play attacks societal hypocrisies from plastic surgery to right-wing politics."--BackStage.

"This is vital, ambitious theatre…BEAUTY ON THE VINE is a play of big ideas. America's fascination with celebrity culture and personal reinvention, the bonds between parents and children (or lack thereof) and the never-ending war between Democrats and Republicans all get touched upon."

"An absolutely thrilling and wildly complex play. It sheds the antiquated idea that beauty is only a frivolous issue important to women and, instead, links concepts of beauty to biggies like power, politics, love, and death. Oh, and it was written by a guy (swoon)."--Courtney E. Martin, author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters.

From mixed-race identities to extreme plastic surgery, BEAUTY ON THE VINE is a modern fable exploring the power of the human face in hothouse America. When a young female star of right-wing radio is brutally murdered, her husband and father investigate the reasons behind the violence. They discover a world where young women transform themselves to look like their idols, and mothers lose their daughters to the illusion of popularity and power.

Drama. 2 men, 4 women: 6 total. Flexible Set.

The Atheist
by Ronan Noone

"Viciously funny…he is despicable but you want to go on despising him all night."--Boston Globe.

"…the gutter-lyrical fireworks of the rogue male ego…a compelling voice…"--Time Out (London).

"…the most alluringly sleazy newshound this side of the twenty-first century."--Boston Herald.

"…accomplishes the Olympian task of making an utter bastard compelling."--Variety.

Augustine Early, a crooked journalist, has made an art of clawing his way up the professional ladder. When he turns a politician's tawdry predilections into front-page news, the scandal threatens to undo the one person he thought was immune. A searing and hilarious play about catching the perfect headline, whatever the cost.

Drama. 1 man: 1 total. Flexible Set.

The Optimist
Jason Chimonides
"Compelling drama…deliriously entertaining."--The New Yorker.

"Hilarious…raw and revealing."

"Playwright Jason Chimonides' script abounds with witty remarks, dirty allusions, and random tangents where high art and popular culture collide and explode."--New Theatre Corps.

Over the course of one tumultuous weekend, Noel returns to his hometown to confront the sudden death of his best friend, the wedding of his philandering father, and the reemergence of his one true love, Nicole. A hilarious, poignant journey punctuated by the puerile antics of Noel's fraternal twin brother, Declan, THE OPTIMIST follows three young people into a rundown motel room where they tackle unfinished romance, the imminent arrival of a rampaging patriarch, and the threat of impending adulthood.

Comedy/Drama. 2 men, 1 woman: 3 total. INTERIOR.

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