Monday, April 06, 2009

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The Drunken City
by Adam Bock

"A playful and hopeful comedy. Like the best episodes of 'Sex and the City,' a little heartache always goes well with hilarity. The cast is appealing, adorable, and top-shelf. There's only one response to something as pleasing as The Drunken City - another round!"--Daily News

"A lot of fun! Adam Bock's scalpel-sharp insight has made him a potent force on today's theater scene. Trip Cullman pitches the performances at just the right level of wooziness. Tart, smart and intoxicating."--The New York Sun

Off on the bar crawl to end all crawls, three twenty-something brides-to-be find their lives going topsy-turvy when one of them begins to question her future after a chance encounter with a recently jilted handsome stranger. The Drunken City is a wildly theatrical take on the mystique of marriage and the ever-shifting nature of love and identity in a city that never sleeps

Comedy. 3m., 3f. Acting Edition, $8.95

The Four of Us
by Itamar Moses

"An extremely clever and enjoyable study of friendship...funny, touching, and wickedly smart."--Time Out New York

"A clever comic drama with a nifty twist...a touching, appealing play."--New York Times

What if all your dreams came true...for your best friend? The Four of Us follows Ben, whose first novel vaults him into literary stardom, and his friend David, a struggling playwright, who is thrilled by Ben's success...and crushed by it. From the dreams of aspiring youth to the realities of adulthood, this poignant two-man comedy explores friendship and memory, the gap between our hopes and our lives, and the struggles between our egos and our capacity to love.

Outstanding New Play at 2008 San Diego Critics Circle Awards

Character descriptions:
DAVID, friends with Benjamin.
BENJAMIN, friends with David.
They appear between the ages of seventeen and twenty-seven, though not in that order.

Dramatic Comedy. 2m. Acting Edition, $10.95

The Piano Teacher
by Julia Cho

"Deftly wrought…a cozy, effective little chiller…you will probably feel speechless with sadness."--NY Times.

"Well-written…triumphs in dramatizing the unknown."--The New Yorker.

"Cunningly-crafted with aching weight and mystery…a piece that fully captures the imagination."--NY Sun.

"Cho is fast establishing herself as a chronicler of small tragedies…she is not a sleight-of-hand artist but a craftsman."--BackStage.

Mrs. K is an elderly widow who lives by herself in a small suburban town. She whiles away her time reminiscing about her late husband and the children she taught long ago as a piano instructor. One day, she finds herself compelled to call her old students, but is it out of loneliness or some other, darker need? As Mrs. K discovers, it may not be what we cannot know that troubles us the most; it may be what we cannot bear to know.

Full Length Drama. 1 man, 2 women: 3 total. Interior. Acting Edition, $8.95.

100 Saints You Should Know
by Kate Fodor

"One of the ten best plays of 2007."--Entertainment Weekly.

"Fodor's play glows with the sense that the keenest evidence of the search for God is in the homiest details."--NY Times.

"Riveting...Poignant."—Bloomberg. "Kate Fodor's achingly truthful drama discerned the faint outlines of hope in a universe of lost connections."--Time Out.

Theresa is estranged from her family and working as a cleaning woman when she finds herself surprised by the unexpected desire to learn how to pray. Matthew, the priest whose rectory she cleans, is stunned and heartbroken by the realization that he no longer knows how to talk to God. When he disappears one day, Theresa feels compelled to track him down, and her search changes both of their lives.

Full Length Drama. 2 men, 3 women: 5 total. Flexible Set. Acting Edition, $8.95

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