Tuesday, March 04, 2008

POW! (Play of the week)

LOOSE ENDS by Michael Weller

Loose Ends follows a relationship over a span of 5 years. When Paul and Susan meet on a beach in Bali they both are young and in search of their identities. For the first time in their lives, a one night stand becomes a relationship of substance. They are both at the point where they are trying to define themselves and the world around them. As they search for a sense of meaning, one way or the other, they are forced to look at how other people fit into their world, and what happens when the people around them start to change. Loose Ends looks at the dynamics of power that exist in every relationship. It brings up the old questions of what is more important, a career or a family? And how can you measure success? More importantly, Loose Ends asks, when is it time to cut free?

Anyone who has been in a relationship of any kind can relate to this play; its questions are universal. I find most of Weller's plays outdated, but Loose Ends stands on its own. It seems to exist independent of any era. Because the play spans Paul & Susan's entire relationship, the audience can't help but care for them at the end of the play. What a pleasure it is to read a slightly older play that is still pertinent, able to speak to a whole new generation today.

Monologues/Scenes: Monologues for men and women. Great scenes for 2M, 2W and 1M / 1W.

Recommeded by: Abi

Loose Ends by Micheal Weller.
Samuel French
Acting Edition: $7.50


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