Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Play of the Week: ALL THIS INTIMACY

All This Intimacy by Rajiv Joseph

In an age when we are all plugged up into this gadget or glued to a chair in front of a screen, searching through an un-physical world to find a connection with any human being, it is hard to imagine that connecting with someone emotionally and physically would be any cause for alarm. It is for thirty year old Ty, unfortunately, as he has managed to get his ex-girlfriend, his married forty-year -old neighbor and his eighteen-year-old student pregnant all in the same week.

Ty is a mildly successful poet who, as an artist, should be in tune with the dealings of the human spirit but can't seem toput that knowledge into practice in his real life. With Ty, Joseph has created a intriguing ambiguity: he is charming, of course, to have seduced these three women seemingly without trying and does have genuine feelings for all three, but he proves himself an asshole in how he deals with the situation he has put them all in. He has a sense of entitlement that only he himself understands.

This play successfully examines relationships between both friends and lovers and tries to dissect how lust can be an enemy to both. Oh, and it is really funny.

Scenes/monologues: Great scenes for 1M/1W and 2M mid-twenties to early thirties; monologues for guys late twenties to early thirties.

Recommended by: Sean-Michael

All This Intimacy by Rajiv Joseph
Samuel French, 2007
Acting Edition, $7.50

To order a copy, please call 800-322-0595 (option 3)


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